Benson Black Series WB.16.17.B

The Benson Black Series watch cases are part of the luxury Black Series collection, which also the luxury watch winders are part of. The Benson Black Series watch cases are handmade of the most beautiful materials. The luxury look is the result of a beautiful mix of wood and stainless steel. The watch cases are available in three sizes, for 8, 12 and 16 watches, and in four colours; black, carbon fibre, white and macassar. When you want the best for your watch collection, you choose a watch case from Benson Black Series. 

Retail price
€ 279
Watchbox colour:Black
Suitable for:16 watch(es)
Watchbox material:Wood
Interiour colour:Black
Length:20 cm
Width:26 cm
Height:20 cm
Weight:3700 gram
Extras:Special velvet
Packaging:Carton packaging

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