Benson Black Series 8.16.W

The new Benson Black Series is the most luxury line of this Dutch brand. These special handmade watch winders for 8 watches combine the newest technique and high quality finish with a stylish design. The Benson Black Series eight watch winders are available in black, carbon and white paint. With extra storage for other watches, 12 layers of paint, led lighting, soft-close cover and innovative touch screen the Black Series watch winders do offer a lot of functionality and quality. Take a look at theĀ video.

Retail price
€ 1.099
Adjustable Turns Per Day:Yes
Energy efficient:Yes
Independable rotors:Yes
LED lightning:Yes
Overwind protection:Yes
Power winding:Yes
Touchscreen display:Yes
Weight:11000 gram
Height:34 cm
Width:24 cm
Length :45 cm
Storage for:6 watch(es)
Interiour colour:Black
Glass material:Mineralglass
Watch winder material:Wood
Power supply:Adapter (line current)
Program:3 programs (CW, CC, Alt)
Watch winder colour:White
Motor type:Japanese
Suitable for:8 watch(es)
Additional functions
Extras:Soft close cover
Special soft velvet inside
USB port
Adapter (EU, EU or USA)

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