Benson Black Series Safe 4.18.B

This new generation of watch winder safes from Benson Black Series is among the best in their class. The safe is made in the EU and meets the highest standards in terms of safety and quality. The electronic lock is from Wittkopp, a well-known German company specializing in high-quality locks. The Benson Black Series Safe 4.18.B has 4 watch winders, extra storage space and a secret compartment for storing jewelery. Via the touchscreen you can set each watch winder and the built-in LED lighting. The Black Series safe is fully equipped with black powder coating. The safe can be connected to mains power via the built-in adapter. 

Retail price
€ 3.100
Adjustable Turns Per Day:Yes
Energy efficient:Yes
Independable rotors:Yes
LED lightning:Yes
Overwind protection:Yes
Power winding:Yes
Touchscreen display:Yes
Weight:50000 gram
Height:33 cm
Width:38 cm
Length :50 cm
Storage for:10 watch(es)
Interiour colour:Black
Watch winder material:Stainless steel
Power supply:Adapter (line current)
Program:3 programs (CW, CC, Alt)
Watch winder colour:Black
Motor type:Japanese
Suitable for:4 watch(es)
Additional functions
Extras:Wittkopp elektrisch slot
Geheim compartiment
Vervaardigd in de EU

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