Benson Black Series Tower 6.17.B

The new Benson Black Series Tower watch winders for 6 watches form the high-end models of this Dutch brand. These special handmade tower watch winders combine the newest technique and high quality finish with a stylish design. The Black Series tower watch winders are available in black, carbon, macassar and white paint. With extra storage for other watches and jewellery, 12 layers of paint, led lighting and innovative touch screen the Benson Black Series tower watch winders do offer a lot of functionality and quality. Take a look at theĀ video.

Retail price
€ 1.399
Adjustable Turns Per Day:Yes
Energy efficient:Yes
Independable rotors:Yes
LED lightning:Yes
Overwind protection:Yes
Power winding:Yes
Touchscreen display:Yes
Weight:30000 gram
Height:129 cm
Width:30 cm
Length :28 cm
Storage for:6 watch(es)
Interiour colour:Black
Glass material:Mineralglass
Watch winder material:Wood
Power supply:Adapter (line current)
Program:3 programs (CW, CC, Alt)
Watch winder colour:Black
Motor type:Japanese
Suitable for:6 watch(es)
Additional functions
Extras:TPD: 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100
Special soft velvet inside
USB port
Adapter (EU, EU or USA)

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